Monday, January 14, 2008

First Time Home Buying Tips

We are hitting into the time of year when people move with homes being either bought or sold. If the man is a renter he might be thinking of buying a home. It might be your first home and since it’s a different experience you are often not sure on how to go about doing it. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to buying a new home.

One should start with a good realtor with whom you can work. You want someone with new ideas, with whom you feel comfortable and who has the experience to do a good job as well, no sense having them try the ropes on you. Find a realtor who specializes in buying and selling and looks for a home in the area you prefer. This is very important as they will be able to answer questions right from the average sale price to where the best schools in that area are.

Next is to simply get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan. Your realtor can recommend a good mortgage broker to work with if you have no other person in your mind. Getting pre qualified will give you the price range that you have mentioned and can afford which will help when you start looking at homes. Before recruiting the mortgage professional take a look at your credit worthiness, your income, and your debt load and then find what you can afford and negotiate on what they are willing to lend you. They will also be able to offer you with various methods and loan packages that will help you zero down on the monthly payment you are looking to make.

Another thing is to always be sure whether you want to buy a new home or go for re-sale. Both work with there good and bad points. Of course, since a new home has never been lived in so you get to build it the way you want.

An already furnished and an older home may need repairs and you will need to pay attention to things like the foundation and roof. The other good thing is that a new home has warranties whereas an older home may not. An older home is probably already landscaped and has the yard in place whereas in a new one you may have to treat it by yourself.

For people who are planning to buy a home for the first time condos and town homes are probably the best options. Its easy to get credit on those and can be a good option for some. It’s a complete changed life, and some townhomes today do offer separate play area or children and landscaped parks to offer a better lifestyle to its residents. Buying a home is a beautiful experience, but you need to be smart. Do not let your excitement rush you into doing something for which you might repent later. It is always wise to have a second opinion if you feel unsure about anything.

Once your fear is settled and everything is in place then think about using a real estate lawyer to review your contract before you sign it. A new home is a big investment most people make and it is always best when you are sure, careful and understand what you are signing.

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Four Tips on How to Rent Audio Visual Equipment

Even if you don’t have the knowledge of fine technicality that would not stop you from getting the best quality audio visual equipment…in fact you don’t need to know how to rent audio visual equipment. We will discuss with you four ideas that will help you find the proper equipment that matches your needs for a trade show, conference or any social gathering. So here comes the four tips..

The first thing to do is that one should always look for Service. So before you go to an audio visual rental company, you need to check if the company offers 24-7 full technical support. Now, this means that you can simplify your job of searching through the equipment manuals and manage to get hold of someone, not just a voice recorder, whenever you are stuck.

To ensure that you have a hustle free session check with your audio visual supplier if they can deliver to you the day before and pick up the day after with no additional charges and also make sure about availability of free spares in case they are required. You also need to have enough time between setting up the equipment and the actual start of the show for a trial run. For asking questions you need a face to face technical support. If your rental equipment reuires any programming or adjustments test them well in advance and learn how to run and operate the equipment before the technicians leave.

Don't keep your budget to yourself, stay hooked and right away ask about specials and packages to get the most out of your rental experience. Definitely your budget for equipment rentals should be in accordance to your needs however an honest discussion with your equipment supplier about your needs and budget can actually make it easy for you. At times you can get cheaper deals when you decide to try out new equipment. For example, instead of renting a wide screen plasma monitor you might consider to rent a video wall – while this would impact your price marginally the quality of your performance would be improved manifold. There are Audio Visual Rental Companies like Feltech who can actually advice on which equipments would be required once you discuss your needs with them. You can probably ask and make sure about any special packages that they might have on offer.

If at that moment you can bargain then that’s not a bad thing. Before you start, plan and square it out. You should have an approximate idea of how big your room, space, or booth and audience expectancy is. You can find the best possible equipment when you know what dimensions you are working with. And without being reluctant grab a pen and sketch your trade show booth plans, this will obviously help you decide how much equipment you need and how much of your booth is going to be dedicated to the audio visual equipment. For example: if the size is known then you can determine if you only need a simple Plasma TV rental, or you want to order a whole booth display, signage, and audio visual package. Be sure to plan ahead two to three weeks so that you can work it out with your audio visual equipment supplier to work out the best deal.

Surely renting audio visual equipment is easier than ever. Most audio visual equipment suppliers show and share their products, explain the features and usually they deliver and set up on sites. Some audio visual suppliers also assist and demonstrate program design and personalize audio visual presentation. We hope that our quick 4 tips were of some worth and helped you to have a likeable and fantastic rental experience.

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Ladders and Mobile Safety Steps

Ladders are the most commonly used equipment to access temporary workplaces at a height beyond the normal reach. The type of ladder selected varies depending upon the available place, the height to be reached and the duration of use. It is essential to take proper safety measures while using a ladder at industrial workplace. While using a conventional ladder, whether it is a step ladder or a regular one to be placed at an angle against the surface, the user typically performs up and down movements by grasping upper rungs or sides of the ladder with the hands while moving the feet from step-to-step on lower rungs or steps of the ladder. IF such a ladder is placed at an angle that is too steep to the surface it becomes difficult for the centre of gravity to be stable and there I every possibility of the ladder tipping backwards once the user starts to climb it. Besides, the rungs or steps d not provide the ease of an conventional handrail. Also, the lack of any surrounding side support lends a sense of insecurity to the users.

Ladders must be so positioned as to be stable during use. They must be used in such a way that the workers receive a secure handhold and secure support at all times. In particular, if a load has to be carried by hand on a ladder, the maintenance of a safe handhold must not be ruled out. Only safe ladders, secured against slipping, in good shape and suitable for usage in the current objective should be allowed at industrial workplaces.

Conventional ladders generally require a lot of storage space and this problem has actually been one of the key reasons behind the innovation of modern day folding ladders and mobile safety steps. These foldable ladders come with a hinged mechanism where the steps part is hinged at top to a fold-out extension to forma direct triangular structure by itself. These ladders can thus be used as free standing ladders. Mobile Safety steps are an advanced form of these folding ladders that are created with added focus on safety and minimizing storage problems. These are generally light weight, durable, space saving and compliant with industry regulations.

The size of a mobile safety step can vary from 2 feet to 10 feet and they come with various mechanisms like spring action, lever brake, push and foot lock systems etc. These ladders are extensively used in warehouse and storage places and are very effective where it is required to reach over-head areas.

With the increase in technological advancement and supplemented by space constraint the old style traditional ladders are getting depreciated fast and people are increasingly moving on to use of mobile safety steps. These steps are ideal in improving workplace safety and preventing injuries while storage of these equipments is also never a problem. Mobile safety steps today have become an integral part of safety equipments and are actually adding a lot of value by preventing potential hazards at workplaces.

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Why Should You Buy a Home ?

We all cherish the dream of having a home of our own, however, when it comes to buying a home it often becomes a very difficult decision for most of us. Considering the fact that we do not really buy-sell a house day in and day out and the amount of money involved in this transaction most people would actually take good time to thing before they can actually say yes.

The most common concern that home buyers would have is about getting a loan and then being able to pay the mortgage. What if I am unable to pay the mortgage? Well, definitely a big question, but then if you do not buy a home you will have to pay or rent – what if you are unable to pay for rent ? Your landlord wouldn’t be very happy to have you stay at his place for no rent definitely. So the negativities of not being able to pay applies whether you buy a home or you have a rented accommodation, however, buying a home has got a host of advantages, besides the pride that you feel as a homeowner.

Buying a home comes with a host of advantages – real estate prices are continuously appreciating and when you buy a home you are actually acquiring an asset that is sure to appreciate year on year. Also you cannot forget the tax benefits that you get on buying a home. Looking beyond the financial benefits, buying a home actually gives you the option to customize it to your needs and taste. Your landlord would definitely not allow you a freehand to modify his place when you are on rent. So when you buy a house, you can actually make it your HOME- just the way you like it to be.

While financial ups and downs are common in everyone’s life we should consider the fact the homeowners would probably like to drive away a renter who defaults on his rents faster than a borrower who would get into a foreclosure when you default your mortgage payments. Most loan providers are used to working with people facing temporary financial crisis and these companies have better financial strengths to support such defaulters than an individual home owner might have. As the foreclosure process is expensive and generally incurs some amount of loss most lenders would not even get into a foreclosure process till the time they are forced into it. In most cases lenders would wait till you are at least 60-90 days delinquent on your mortgage.

Having said all these, you will also need to consider the additional responsibilities and some expenses that come with owning a home. Renters definitely do not need to bear these. There are certain taxes to be paid, maintenance to be done and also attend to the other responsibilities of the community that you become a part of on buying a home. However, considering all the advantages, security and the pride of owning a home it is well worth the effort.

For some people who would even like to shun these factors and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, buying a town home is probably the best option. Often these town homes are maintained by the developers thus relieving the homeowner of the burden of maintaining a home and other additional community features are provided by the developers to improve the lifestyle of the residents.

The cost of real estate is appreciating very fast and if you at all plan to buy a home, probably this is the time to do it.

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Mobile Safety Steps - Replacing Old Ladders

Why stretch yourself to reach for items off the top shelf when you can reach it comfortably by using a set of mobile safety steps. We have been using ladders since a long time, however, with the increasing concern about industrial safety and lack of storage space they have been replaced by mobile safety steps. It has been observed that industrial workers often fall victim to muscle stretch, sprain and even spinal injuries when trying to access and handle heavy objects at a height.

Mobile safety steps typically give access to high storage areas safely and are made up of strong tubular steel. These equipments are designed in a way to prevent slipping and to make them safe at work. Available in a range of 2 feet to 10 feet, mobile safety steps are available in spring action, lever break, push and foot lock variants. They are of prime importance for easy access, where overhead clearance is limited. The improved folding handrail feature provides an overall height advantage, thus allowing access through common doorways. One can also choose to keep the mobile ladders out of public areas to eliminate potential hazards.

Some of the points that you should always consider while buying these portale ladders are that it should be stable, strong and suitably-sized as per your requirement. The footings should be immobile to ensure that the rungs remain horizontal. The feet of these mobile steps are designed to help prevent from slipping during use by securing the stiles at or near their upper or lower ends, by any anti-slip device or by any other arrangement of equivalent effectiveness. Mobile safety steps are the best in safety and reduce workplace hazards to a great extent. Also known as warehouse steps, they help offer a safe and strong solution for all professional and domestic needs. Mobile Steps are available in different varieties and ranges of sizes and colors with easy glide; all weather non-slip molding treads. The other major advantage of using a mobile safety step is that they are easy to store.

Built with super high quality steel these mobile steps are not only safe and convenient but also very comfortable to use. The castors used are spring loaded and they retract as soon as weight is applied on the steps, and giving the non-slip base a firm and safe grip to the floor. The circular pads grip the floor when load is applied and handle the whole structure efficiently preventing it from slipping. The features that make these ladders attractive are: strong welded steel construction and quality finish, along with ribbed rubber or anti slip tread surfaces. In every case the quality of these ladders are checked before putting into use. A wide range of mobile safety steps are easily available in the market. They give access to high storage areas safely and folds down making them easy to move around the work area.

If mobile safety steps are not provided at workplaces then there is always the risk of workers climbing up the racks to access stock. These can often lead to damaged shelving and accidents from falling. So in order to keep together a simple platform and provide safe access to materials, reducing physical efforts and risks of workplace hazards, mobile safety steps are essential equipment for everyday work. These Mobile safety steps have become an integral part of the category of safety equipments that can prevent potential hazards at workplaces.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Business Cash Advance – Business Funding Made Easy!

There is one question that haunts each and every small business owner: “How do I get enough cash to run my business smoothly?” The question is not as easy as it appears to be. While people who are new to this might be thinking of those nice bank loans and SBA funds, ask someone who has actually tasted the water! Most banks would have a long list of terms and conditions that you will need to fulfill besides the hefty collateral that they would demand before issuing a loan. Talk about SBA funding, well that’s too little for the total number of entrepreneurs applying for it. So what other alternative do we have?

Business cash advance is probably the best alternative in such a situation. A cash advance is nothing new, the concept has been around for a while, but with the increasing use of Internet, it is becoming more popular and easier for people to get a business cash advance.

It is pretty easy to get a business cash advance. You can fulfill some easy conditions and easily have a decent fund at your disposal. The most important factor that determines whether you qualify for a business cash advance is whether your business accepts credit card sales. Business cash advance providers provide cash against your credit card receipts.

The typical conditions that any business cash advance providers would ask for are:
  • The business should be in existence for at least 1.5 –2 years
  • The business should have a minimum amount ($1500) of credit card sales per month.
  • Credit card statement or bank statement of 12 months (3 months for seasonal business)

Most small business owners can satisfy these conditions, which makes it a lucrative option for funding their business.

In addition, the application process is very simple. Most good cash advance providers would not charge you any application fee and you can apply for a business cash advance by simply filling out the online application form on their websites.

As a bonus, business cash advance doesn’t come with a fixed repayment schedule; hence there are no late fees. Also, in most cases, you don’t need to guarantee the cash advance personally.

A small business loan is not just hard to get but often its use is tied down by certain conditions put forward by the lender. Business cash advance frees you from any such bindings – it’s your money and you can spend it the way you like. So if you need money for your business now, be it for the recurring expenses, for business expansion, to buy a machinery, purchase inventory, advertising or for any other business expense, don’t get frustrated by the NO’s you get from the banks. Just say YES to Business Cash Advance to let your business have a smooth sailing.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Party Bingo - The new place for Bingo pros !

If you are thinking about Bingo – think PartyBingo! Party Bingo has been the new kid on the block that has added a new dimension to the fun associated with Bingo. You not just play Bingo, but you chat and make a whole lot of friends – what more do you need??

Also, for the Bingo pros PartyBingo offers a wide variety of games. You are not just stuck with one game to toy around. Party Bingo offers several types of bingo and casino-style slot games as well as video poker. It is pretty easy to play at party bingo. You don’t even need to pay anything to create an account. You can create a free account, download the game software and start playing. Only if you wish to play real (with real money and earn real money) you will need to pay.

In regards to the payment process, Party Bing Offers multiple payment methods that range from credit cards to Money Bookers, Money Transfer to Wire Transfer. Depending on your suitability you can use any payment mode to transfer funds. Additionally they have a full-fledged customer support team, besides the detailed FAQ section that can always resolve any questions or doubt you might have.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Party Bingo account now and start earning !!
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wirefly - Mobile Phones for FREE !!

I have always heard of free stuff that people get through internet but never really came across something that is actually free - but , it seems , I got something really good at last. I came across this website that offers free mobile phones - Yes, it was a bit difficult for me to believe so i investigated further and found though not actually free it is definitely offering a great deal on mobiles. offers free mobile phones with new cell phone plans - you pay for the plans and you get the cell phone free, thats indeed great , isn't it ? Also, one big advantage is they have offers from almost all leading mobile carriers, may it be Verizon, TMobile, Cingular, Sprint , Nextel - they have a free mobile offer for most of the carriers so you can very easily pick the mobile carrier of your choice.

These free offers vary depending on your location. For most offers at you will need to put in your zip code to ensure if the offer is valid in your area. There are also some offers that I found where even the delivery of your mobile phone via FedEx is done at no cost to you ! While I am not really a geeky surfer, I think this is one of the best mobile phone deals that is available onthe web at the moment. If you are planning to get a cell phone for yourself, grabthe opportunity and happy speaking !
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fruits: The Tastiest Way to Health!

Fruits are perhaps the earliest food that was discovered by human beings. While Adam savored the apple that was offered to him by Eve and marked the beginning of ‘fruitivorous’ human origin, till date, most people love to have fruits. Fruits are not just great at tantalizing our taste buds but also are great healers of health. Most fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and different enzymes that contribute to our health. In addition, fruits are easily digestible and have a cleansing effect on our digestive system. Some fruits fight fatal diseases like cancer by virtue of certain essential enzymes present in them.

While we all know that fruits are good for health, do we really know how healthy fruits actually are? Here’s a detailed nutritional overview of some of the most delicious fruits.

Watermelon: Watermelon's health benefits have been long acclaimed by nutritionists to the extent that American Heart Association has given watermelons the "heart healthy" seal of approval. Recent research shows that watermelons are one of the highest Lycopene content fruit. Lycopene is a Carotenoid that neutralizes singlet oxygen (highly reactive oxygen that damages body cell) in our body and reduces the risk of prostrate cancer. In addition, watermelon is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Potassium.

Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is probably the most popular form of melons. While we all love the taste of this yellow/orange-bodied fruit for its great taste and musky odor, it has also established itself, as a great source of Vitamin C. Cantaloupe is also a rich source of Potassium, Vitamin B6, Dietary Fibers and Niacin (Vitamin B3). All these vitamins and enzymes help us to fight heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and aging.

Honeydew: This member of the melon family is most likely the closest competitor to Watermelon and Cantaloupe in terms of popularity. Neither does it lag far behind when compared on the basis of its nutritional properties. Honeydew is an excellent source of Vitamin C. It also contains small amount of Potassium and is a good source of Foliate. Foliate is an essential component that facilitates cell division. This fat free, cholesterol free fruit is an excellent option for both weight control and general health.

Mango: Mango, correctly called the king of fruits has the highest number of consumption on a daily basis compared to any other fruits in the world. Mangoes are not only delicious but are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and minerals like Potassium, Calcium and Iron. This high in fiber, low in cholesterol, low fat fruit also contains digestive enzymes and has strong antioxidant, anticancer and anti-cardiovascular properties. Besides being one of the tastiest fruit, its high iron content also contributes to the blood building capability and is often prescribed to anemic patients and pregnant women.

Most fruits are high in nutrition value and are excellent source of various minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Since discussing the nutritional facts of all fruits is beyond the scope of this small article, I would like to end this article with the note of assurance that fruits are definitely the best and tastiest way to health.
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blogvertise - Monetise Your Blog - Am Trying it

I just came across a post about and the concept seems to be pretty interesting. They aloow bloggers to sign up with them and also have an advertiser sign up facility.They assign task to bloggers, which is nothing but to do write ups on their blogs about the advertisers and for that pays the bloggers. The only binding is that the bloggers should mention the advertiser link thrice in the whole post and the blog post should notjust be a line but a minimum good paragraph that gives the readers a feel of the advertisers products or service. It is not necessary that the bloggers need to praise the advertiser, it can be an honest review, praise , criticism or just about anything about the advertiser.

As a part of their registration process they need every blogger to do a writeup on which is pretty much justified as long as they are offering something really good.

I am not sure of this but given the craze for link building I dont see any reason why this should not work. I will give it a try for a month or so and whether its positive or negative - I will definitely make posts here to let you all know about the company and my experience with it.

I hope they approve my membership after reading this :)
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Medical Tourism – Factors That Contribute!

Medical Tourism has experienced a high growth rate in the recent past and one of the most important factors contributing to this is the standardization of medical procedures, practices and equipments. Organizations, government bodies and medical institutions have been trying to set up some global standards and have been successful to a large extent. Today specialist doctors often travel to foreign countries to get acquainted with their medical practices and this helps to spread the knowledge. Global availability of prescription drugs, use of standard medical terminologies, helps doctors to create benchmarks for their service.

Countries like India and Malaysia have emerged as the major hubs for medical tourism. One of the main advantages in these countries is that most good doctors are trained in US, Canada, UK or other developed nations and are members of one or more international professional associations. Some of them would also have the experience of working with hospitals in the USA, Canada and other foreign countries. This rich experience and high level of knowledge help the doctors to assure their patients of similar high quality service that they would receive in their home country.

India is probably the most preferred destination of medical tourism. Not only are the doctors in India highly educated and experienced but also the infrastructure and medical facilities available there are at par, if not better than most developed countries. To top the cake, the inherent hospitable nature of the Indians probably makes the best nurses and doctors in the world. Most private hospitals in India offer very high level of medical care and hospital experience and some of the top hospitals are members of international medical associations.

In addition, the cost of treatment in these countries is often lower by 50% or more compared to the cost of similar treatment in USA, UK or other developed countries. Also, while most advanced countries would require the patients to wait for long periods before undergoing any critical treatment or major operation, in most of these medical tourism destinations, the waiting time is virtually nil. Medical tourism brings together world-class treatment at affordable cost with no waiting time.

While Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia are close competitors, India still retains her lead by virtue of the incredible experience that it can offer to tourists in terms of the multi-cultural population, natural beauty, rich history, colorful festivals and mouth watering cuisines. The patients not only get a chance to avail world-class medical treatment but also can enjoy an enriching experience during his/her pre or post treatment stay in India.

As medical tourism grows as an industry, all these countries are expected to pull up their socks to acquire a larger share of this market. While marketing skills would definitely contribute to the market share, the quality of medical services would be the actual determining factor. A healthy competition to enhance medical tourism is sure to lead to overall growth and improvement of medical services in these countries.
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